*The Centre for the study and development of narrative.


• residencies for artists

Artists of all disciplines will be supported for specific periods of time to develop their ideas and practical work. No preconceptions or limits will be set on the work and the research. Experimentation and invention will be actively encouraged. However, we envisage that these residencies will take forward current practice in a variety of narrative engagements: with diverse media, non linearity, digression, interactivity and audience participation, particularly (though not exclusively) where these intersect with technology. Technology specialists will be available to collaborate with artists where necessary.

• commissioning of new works

In addition to supporting residencies, Asterisk* will seek to build a collection of new work, technologies, and delivery mechanisms that illuminate, inspire and educate visitors to Shandy Hall.

Shandy Hall currently houses the world's finest collection of Sterne's works and related materials. By augmenting this collection with contemporary works Asterisk* aims to attract a variety of audiences to visit Shandy Hall and engage with the collection. The collection will be available for study by academics and artists; it will be accessible to the general public as exhibitions, both online and at Shandy Hall; it will provide a stimulus for workshops and educational projects.

• exhibitions and performances

Shandy Hall will be developed as an exhibition space for newly commissioned works (as above) as well as innovative, related works from other international sources. Asterisk* will promote this specific physical space but also offer an online exhibition space for appropriate material. Exhibitions and performances that are too large for Shandy Hall will be delivered in partnership with other galleries and performance spaces across the country.

• lectures and events

Asterisk* will seek to deliver a series of lectures and events. These will be tied into the work of the artists in residence, or respond to specific themes in the Collection. Lectures will be offered at Shandy Hall whenever possible. However, particular lectures and events will use other venues where appropriate. Transcripts of lectures, along with forums to discuss them, will be made available on the Asterisk* website.

• workshops and educational opportunities

Linked to the support for artists in residence Asterisk* will invite schools and other educational groups to visit Shandy Hall and engage in workshops relating to narrative experiment across multiple artforms. These workshops will make use of the Sterne Collection as well as the growing collection of contemporary commissioned work.

• an international online forum via the web

Asterisk* will have a dynamic website that will inform, educate, and engage visitors from across the world. The site will explain Asterisk*'s mission, publicise the current programme, provide an exhibition centre for online work, and offer a related discussion forum. The site will use its own interactive nature and structure to explore some of Asterisk*'s main narrative themes.

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(* The Centre for the Study and Development of Narrative.)